After a long time of developing and studing the ratios of over 10 different options available in the market, we have decided to offer a similar ratio as the one used by Peugeot Sport in their new 208 R2 cars, which in our opinion, has the best ratio and rpm drop in the market, as you can see in the attached speed graph.
This close ratio has been design to work with standard final drive in order to avoid cost increase and because there are a huge number of ratios available, as seen in the speed graph, which will suit any top speed that every driver could require.
We have used a high strength alloy steel material to hold over 250hp and made the gears as light as possible, thanks to this, we can offer 1 year of Motorsport warranty upon material or manufacturing defect. 
This close ratio keeps the standard synchromesh system with straight cut gears, rather than helical, same as we´ve done with our popular close ratio gear kit for MA gearboxes.
We also warranty the best price on the market!! so if you are interested, contact us or our net of dealers to get a quote.