As we mentioned in our starting section all our products are designed and produced at the highest level of quality and performance. The detailed study of each individual case has led us to have the pieces of maximum performance and effectiveness for each of the models that are listed in our range of applications. Our products have been tested in competition in circuits as well as races and even Drag Racing competitions. Demonstrating extensively its performance, reliability and durability. As a reference in the ability to create the right product for each application we have developed pieces that have been used with excellent results in Drag Racing competitions in vehicles that exceeded 1000 Horsepower !!

Always keep in mind our section of projects where we will keep you informed of the launch of new applications that we are continuously developing. All products in these application listings are backed by our one-year warranty even in competitive use !!

The exchange ratios and final groups have been carefully calculated and studied to obtain the best results in each application. In most of our group relationships you will see that we have more than one relationship available, so you can choose the one that best suits your specific needs. Our torsen type self-lockers are 100% maintenance free of any kind. As it is not a system that undergoes any wear and tear the unit will give the same benefits and results during years of continuous use either in the street or in competition. As all torsen type self-locks give the reliability that any driver needs along with the great improvement in vehicle behavior and speed in turn by curve. Being progressive not only are much smoother in their reactions transmitted to the pilot in chassis and steering behavior, they also help to preserve in good condition the other components of the transmission such as bearings and axle tips. This is due to the constant form of distribution of traction that this type of differential offers, avoiding the most abrupt reactions that we find in the self-locking of sheets. Our slide fasteners are available in a combination of possible set-up's allowing the customer to choose the one that best suits their particular needs. In most cases they have variable ramps and all the internal components can be purchased individually in case they are necessary for the modification of the set-up or revision of the unit. Please do not hesitate to contact us with the data of your particular case so that we can study it with you and help you choose the best combination of settings. Please download our price lists and applications that are on the right and do not hesitate to contact us about any of the products mentioned in them. We have a lot of stock to avoid delays in the delivery of orders and we make a constant effort to ensure that our customer service is at the level it deserves.