We are proud to launch this new and ultra-lightweight LSD with only 5.6kg for VAG 02M and 02Q gearboxes found on VW-Seat-Audi-Skoda.

It´s been a hard engineering work to develop and manufacture this very light version, whose lightening windows help in turn, to a better lubrication and cooling of the friction plates and internal components for optimum performance even in endurance races and all in an Ultra resistant format thanks to the use of forged NiCrMo steel in all its components, at the same time that we offer a pack of 16 friction plates which offers a higher performance than the average, as most of our competitors use only 8 friction plates.

On this occasion and bearing in mind that the open diffs from 02M & 02Q gearboxes come from origin riveted to the final drive's crown, we supply a high resistance 12.9 grade steel bolts for its assembly.

It is worth remembering that all our plate type LSD´s have a ramp with two different configurations, being the most used, the 35º/ 67.5º and 35º/90º and that we also supply FOC an extra pressure washer (Belleville) with a different thickness, to help customers to change the preload without extra cost.